informing society about the realities of polygamy and advocating for it’s victims


Who is Sound Choices Coalition?


Sound Choices Coalition (SCC) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to raising awareness and working to end the damaging practices associated with polygamous cultures but we cannot achieve our goals alone. Find out how you can help.


Sound Choices Coalition Acknowledges and promotes everyone’s

Therefore we stand for freedom from generational and patriarchal abuses that coerce, and rob free-will choice. Our goal is to educate and encourage everyone to claim this freedom and request of others to do the same. 

Sound: free from injury or disease; exhibiting normal health; free from flaw, defect, or decay; solid, firm, stable; free from error, fallacy, or misapprehension; exhibiting or based on thorough knowledge and experience; legally valid, logically valid and having true premises; agreeing with accepted views; thorough, deep and undisturbed; showing good judgment or sense…

Choices: opportunity or privilege of choosing freely; a sufficient number and variety to choose among; care in selecting; preference suggests the guidance of choice by one’s judgment or predilections: selection implies a wide range of choice.

Sound Choices Coalition (SCC) may not always be as popular with some segments of society as we would hope. However, popularity and people-pleasing is not our mission. Sadly, it’s too easy for most Utahns to continue to turn a blind eye to Utah’s “Dirty Little Secret” (polygamy and its abuses). And it’s difficult or near impossible for most to LEARN, DO or THINK anything but what we’ve been programmed to believe; especially anything against “our norms.” We have watched the success of others (pro-polygamists) in gaining popularity and praise, so we’ve been thinking that if we really want to be popular and revered, perhaps we need to change our strategy. Should we too, adulate any and all abusers, law-breakers, rapists, pedophiles, chauvinists, traffickers and racists? Do these people “have the right to be heard, to share, to discuss and to proselytize” their values, lifestyles and “deeply held beliefs”? If one version of abusive religious belief deserves to be promoted and normalized, shouldn’t that apply to all of them? Should we too love and accept offenders who propagate and perpetuate harms, enough to help them promote their values and beliefs?

Of course, we would never advocate for such a thing. It would completely destroy our credibility in being able to help victims of these crimes. Too often, those efforts of “understanding” are void of real and effective efforts to protect innocent victims. We at SCC value human rights. We dearly love our friends, families and numerous relatives who believe in and live polygamy. In fact, it is that love that propels us forward and prevents us from turning a blind eye to the abuses we have seen them endure. Yet we are often accused of being hateful and bitter when we speak out against the numerous harms of polygamy: child brides, trafficking, incest, tax evasion, extortion (money for salvation), and suppression of basic human and equal rights, etc.

Mormon polygamy is NOT A CHOICE, as fundamentalists would like you to believe. Mormons believe in LDS Doctrine and Covenants Section 132, which explains in detail how a faithful believer must live polygamy or reap eternal damnation . . . That LDS canonized scripture is used to convert hundreds of mainstream LDS members into becoming polygamists. Offenders use Section 132 to justify crimes and deviant behaviors; to subvert and oppress their wives and their numerous offspring who have been indoctrinated from birth into believing that a loving God commanded such suffering and disparity. Craig Jones, author of A Cruel Arithmetic, writes about the horrors of thousands of young men, discarded so the older, more “righteous” men can have all the young girls. We agree with Chief Justice Bauman’s 335-page List of Reasons. He says, “The law violates the religious freedom of fundamentalist Mormons, but the harms against women and children outweigh that concern. Polygamy will be kept illegal.”

We love big! But love cannot condone harmful actions or advocate for perpetrators of harmful beliefs and actions. We love to help people understand their rights, educate them on how to recognize abuse, and how they can leave these harmful situations. We will not compromise our integrity. We refuse to support anyone who minimizes the harms or dehumanizes the many thousands of victims of polygamy. We cannot align ourselves with those who justify these beliefs and actions, or who turn a blind eye to the harms, to gain acceptance or popularity.

If you are unwilling to condone crimes and abuses in the name of religion, we’ll appreciate your ethical and financial support. It is our ongoing mission to inform society about the harms of polygamy, and to advocate for its victims.

Best Always and Forever,

Kristyn Decker (SCC Founder & President)



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