Victim Reparation Fund Intake Interview

Sound Choices Coalition advocates for your rights as a victim of polygamy.

Who may qualify

  • Victims who suffer physical or psychological injury or death as a direct result of criminally injurious conduct

  • Family and dependents of deceased victims

  • Representatives acting on behalf of victims

How Does a Person Qualify?

  • Victim shall be a resident of Utah or the criminally injurious conduct shall have occurred in Utah

  • Report crime to law enforcement agency - no conviction is required but enough information is needed from law enforcement to substantiate a crime occurred

  • Cooperate fully with law enforcement officials in the investigation and prosecution of the case

Please fill out the form below as best as you can so we can best assist you:

Please note, your information will always be kept extremely confidential. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

I am a Utah resident
Polygamist Background Details
Polygamist Marital Status
Wedding Date
My spouse was legally or spiritually married to other(s)
ie., Kingstons, AUB, Darger, etc.
Leaving Polygamy
When did you leave?
How many children do you have? Please share their first name(s) and birthdate(s)
Please describe what family members are still involved including grandparents, parents, siblings and grandchildren
Abuse and Trauma Details
What forms of abuse have you experienced?
Select all that apply
Please provide names, relationship and contact details if possible
Your abuse exhibit details
Select all that apply
Please indicate if you have a copy of the report, the police officer (contact information and case number if possible)
Additional Abuse Details
Please share when, how and by whom and if you have any police reports
Please share when, how and by whom
Please share the name and age of anyone you know of who was married younger than 18 years old
Have you witnessed any other criminal behavior?
Select all that apply
Is it ongoing? Briefly describe what you've witnessed.
Fear of safety
Please share your experiences by including when, who and describe the threat
Law Enforcement Cooperation
I certify that all the information above is accurate and true to the best of my ability and I agree to testify in a court of law if necessary
Would you be willing to share your experiences in court
Assistance Request
Requested Financial Assistance
Select all the apply