Your tax dollars pay for polygamy

Food Stamp Benefit Abuse


AZ Food Stamp Total per Wife:
$449/mo, $1,549/mo, $1,149/mo, $1,349/mo, $849/mo, $1,249/mo

Food Stamps allotted to a single mother with one child in AZ (2005) is $249.00 plus $100.00 for each additional child. Cash Assistance, given in addition to Food Stamps are equal dollar amounts per month. To figure total benefits received by each wife, double food stamp totals for combined Food Stamp and Cash Assistance amounts. Also received are WIC and Medical benefits. Those amounts are not calculated into these totals.

Total for Food Stamps AND Cash Assistance per Mother:
$898/mo, $3,098/mo, $2,298/mo, $2,698/mo, $1,698/mo
Total received by each husband each month = $13,188

This blatant Welfare abuse and Welfare fraud is financed by hard working tax payers.