“Sound Choices Coalition (SCC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to raising awareness of damaging practices associated with polygamous cultures.

SCC’s goal is to prevent underage “marriage” (sexual assault or statutory rape); child marriage; forced marriage; incest; sexual exploitation; trafficking; physical abuse; sexual abuse; polygamy itself, with its emotional abuse and gender inequities; medical neglect; educational neglect; child abandonment; and child labor within polygamous communities.

These practices harm individuals and the societies that permit them. We advocate for the victims of these abuses, and lobby for legal action, new legislation, and a proactive approach to promoting societies that are just and stable.”

Our informational mission is achieved via a web site, Facebook page, speaking engagements, media interviews and articles, and handouts. Our advocacy for victims consists of initial help and support for those leaving polygamy, and referrals to other groups who offer long-term support (such as Holding out HELP). In addition, we advocate for victims by contacting and meeting elected officials to lobby for new legislation. We also meet with law enforcement to assist in enquiries relating to crimes within polygamous communities.

Please note: We do not promote or denigrate any religion, and our supporters are drawn from a whole gamut of belief or non-belief systems. However, we are opposed to extreme religious fundamentalism in any form, because of its abusive nature.