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Angela Kelly (Director of “Sound Choices Coalition”)

Angela Kelly (Director of “Sound Choices Coalition”)

  • Angela Kelly (Director):

    Angela Kelly is the new Director of Sound Choices Coalition, a Utah non- profit dedicated to educating the public and lawmakers on the inherent harms of polygamy. Prior to her position with Sound Choices Coalition Kelly served as a volunteer events coordinator for Operation Underground Railroad for two years. Prior to that Angela has been involved in community organizing and non-profit work for over ten years. The social causes she is most passionate about are children’s rights, child abuse, trafficking, homelessness, domestic violence, and polygamy. Her interest in polygamy stems from her upbringing in the mainstream Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This led to her eventually meeting Briell Decker and Roy Jeffs. No amount of research could have prepared her for the realities of what polygamous cultures are like except for talking to real people who lived it and left. Recently she has been commended for her efforts in the passing of House Bill 214. Her expertise and research were crucial in explaining to both the public and other legislators the absolute need to add bigamy to the list in which victims can receive reparations. Her passion and drive for the bill inspired many to get involved. She was a true leader and played a pivotal role in passing H.B. 214. Outside of work Angela loves biking and art, abstract painting in particular.

  • Pam Jenson (Board Member)

  • Kathi Pearce (Secretary)

  • Nicole Van Tassel (Board Member)

    Nicole was raised LDS and converted to AUB as a minor to marry her husband. She was “duped” at age 15 by her 22-year-old abusive husband into converting from LDS to AUB. She had 15 children in 19 years, and then her husband took a plural wife. They were together 24 years, and their split was the subject of a recent court case. She has been out of her marriage and the AUB for about 30 months. Her father was a former Utah Senator who helped pass a bill a couple of years ago in regards to polygamy. Her husband has 7 felony charges that all ended up being dropped, he had a plea in abeyance, no jail time served. ( that is UTAH! ) Press on it: Maria Joy Barlow Maria is Kristyn grandniece. She was raised FLDS and left the community about 4 years ago. She is eager to help others.

  • Susan Stickevers (Board Member)

  • Stephen Strand (Board Member and CPA)

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Author of: “UNCENSORED Fifty Years in POLYGAMY” & “Big Secrets and Little White Lies”